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Improve Google search ranking, sell more services with Google Ads


“Hey, I’m Lasse, the founder of MCG. I help local businesses with growing their customer base through Google Advertising! 

You bring the service – We’ll bring the customers

Get found

Rank higher on Google with our seo services, and make it easy for customers to find you on the largest search engines and social media sites.

Track and learn

Track visitors to your website, and learn about their behaviours, wants and needs.

Convert customers

With more data, you can now convert more people on your website into long-term paying clients and customers.

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Need Adwords Help?

Almost every business should run Google ads. It is one of the easiest way to get more customers to your website.


Let customers find you when they are searching for your products and services. There are only ten spots for the first page in Google. Are you ready to get there?

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Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be an incredible source of new customers and revenue when done correctly.

Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto

Get more customers

Expand your reach with online advertising!

Whether you are a local service business, a budding e-commerce store or growing enterprise, we will help you grow your customer base online

We offer AdWords ppc management, performance marketing on Facebook, SEM SEO, various other PPC Management Services and website design. 

All the advertisement and SEM SEO we do is performance-based, and our results tie directly to your revenues. No more guessing or hoping that marketing works. Our online advertising performs!

We are driven by our core values

We understand that maintaining and growing a profitable business is important to you. Therefore, we will never compromise on quality.

Customer Growth - Getting Results

Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto

We are careful and considered in our approach. When we set up new campaigns or review old ones for old clients, we spend a considerable amount of time analysing ad copy, audiences and conversion rates. 

A 1% increase in conversion rates can have a massive impact on revenues and profits. Therefore, tweaking and testing ad copy and images, and getting the right keywords into your campaigns, is the key to success when managing Google AdWords campaigns and Facebook ads.

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get more customers

Better click through rates lead to lower cost per clicks and more revenue-generating conversions! We are improving results even during tough times; however we believe in constant learning and growth, and we believe you can always get better. 

MCG advised us to remove keywords that was not converting and adding negative keywords before doubling our budget. We were also advised to turn off lower performing ads. Our click-through rates went up 3%, clicks tripled and conversions went through the roof.
Facebook ads can be tricky to manage and hard to get right. MCG helped us narrow down the right audience for our products and set up a brilliant multi-level retargeting system.

Let’s work together

We will take care of your accounts the way we take care of our own digital marketing business. Let’s grow together. Choose MCG as your Digital Marketing Agency.

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