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Understanding your business

We spend lots of time understanding your business before beginning work. To do top quality work, we need to know what the driving forces of your business are.

Honesty gets results

We are 100% honest and will be your devil's advocate. We will poke holes and it will sometimes be uncomfortable. But instead of pretending your business is perfect, you will get real, honest feedback that gets results.

Years of experience

Lasse has a master degree in finance, he taught himself how to code and has built several businesses. He is a technical marketer, with the analytics skills that are needed to make him a highly skilled digital marketer.

Open letter from Lasse Pettersen, Founder MCG.

I want you to stop having to worry about getting customers coming in the door (or website, for those of you with an online business).

I know what it feels like to constantly wonder if you will have enough customers tomorrow, or next week or next month. After seeing great success with Google advertising for some time, my previous service business one day had its Google account banned because Google decided to change the rules on us. We had done nothing wrong, and it wasn’t just us – thousands of businesses like ours got hit the same day.

This episode had us scrambling for ideas to drive new business. We worried about how it would affect us in the coming months. Luckily, we were able to use our database of customers to our advantage.

By implementing new sales processes to get our existing customer base to come back for more AND to refer new business, we survived long enough to also implement a new digital marketing strategy. This time, our new strategy would not rely on just one successful source of incoming customers.

This is a story I see all the time. Focusing on one source to generate new leads is not a great strategy. Some clients will say, “Oh, but word-of-mouth is working just fine”. As is often the case with our clients, it works for a while… until it doesn’t. Diversification is a successful strategy in financial markets for a reason.

There is always a risk that a company (or in our case, a marketing channel) gets shut down, an algorithm gets changed, or something that has been working for years just stops working.

This is why I’m here. As an advertising and SEO consultant, I am here to help you optimize what is already working, and help you get results where you’re seeing less success. 

I’m here to help you diversify your marketing efforts so you don’t have to worry about one of your marketing channels changing on you. I am here to help you stop spending money on ads that don’t work. I am here to make sure that you are making money on your current and future customers.

I am are here to get you more customers. Period.

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