What is a Facebook Pixel and what are the benefits of using one?

what is a facebook pixel

Ah, the Facebook Pixel. You might have heard that you should have one, so you can learn more about your customers. But what is it really, and what are the benefits of using a Facebook Pixel?

TLDR: – FB Pixel allows you to track and analyse customer data, use retargeting with high ROI and helps you find the best customers for your business.

What is Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that you can put in your website’s HTML markup. This little piece of code takes up 1 pixel of space on your website, invisible to us mortals. 

The Facebook Pixel is JavaScript code that is placed and triggered on the client-side browser. This means that any visitors to the website with a pixel in it, will store a cookie. This cookie allows us to track the behaviour of the visitor on the website.

What are the benefits of having a Facebook Pixel?

The main benefit of having a pixel on your website is that you can track and analyse the behaviour of a visitor on your website. However, there are a few other benefits too. With a pixel installed, you can learn more information about your visitors that click on your ads, coming from Facebook. 

Facebook is able to do this because they already have a bunch of data of about 2 billion people and all they need to do is to connect the dots between a Facebook click and a visit to your website. 

In addition, you can remarket/retarget customers that have come to your website, on Facebook. This is extremely handy because it allows us advertisers to get in front of people we know already has some interest in the product or service you are selling.  

Retargeting ads often have a very high return on advertising spend, and if you ever see an ad that says: “830% Return on Ads!” it is probably because they used a retargeting advertising strategy. 

The Facebook pixel allows you to create a full on customer journey within the Facebook Ads Manager. You can create audiences called “Look Alike Audiences” which analyses your current best customers and finds people that are similar. Facebook essentially finds the best type of customer for you!

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The pixel also helps you when you are creating advertisements in Facebook Ads Manager. It helps you understand which audiences are most responsive to a particular creative and which creatives work the best. Without the pixel, you wouldn’t be able to see if someone actually landed on your page after clicking the ad. You might see lots of link clicks, but if people aren’t landing on your page, the click isn’t worth as much. 

You must also have the Facebook Pixel installed if you want to track conversions. And you must always track conversions!

The Facebook Pixel is an invaluable tool for digital marketers and business owners alike. You should install a pixel today if you haven’t already. Why? Because even if you are not running ads on Facebook today, you might in the future. And because the pixel will collect data as long as it is installed, there is no reason not to have it. And you can cross reference data from the Facebook pixel with Google analytics. The Facebook Pixel is also incredibly easy to set up as long as you can implement the code or have a kind programmer to help you out

So grab your pixel, measure how well your advertising campaigns are doing and get more customers!