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When you think about pay per click, you probably think of Google or Bing Ads. There are so many other valuable ppc platforms and offers out there. We offer a range of PPC services which include ad-copy, strategies and keyword research. 

Benefits of PPC

The benefits of PPC advertising is that you only pay for the advertisements that a person actually click. That means that if you get lots of impressions for your ad, but no one clicks on your ads, you don’t pay!

Pay per click advertising is reasonably priced and brings clicks from people that are interested in your product, service or topic. 

PPC strategies should be part of every digital marketing portfolio. Even if your budget is very small, it is possible to get good clicks with a low cost per click if you just work smart. 

You could for example target spelling mistakes, or keywords that “sound” different than they are spelled. We recently had someone searching for our Google AdWords services using the keyword “Gugel AdWards” and it cost us about 15cents. Normally this would be a $1-2 USD keyword. 

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