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PPC Management

PPC management services (pay per click management) includes affiliate marketing, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, Virgin, Bidvertiser, Revcontent, Adroll, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest and Twitter. You only pay per click and is suitable for “visual” products and services. Performance based marketing.

Google AdWords Management services is suitable if you have an e-commerce store, and people can find you by searching for a specific product. It is also well suited for any B2C or B2B service, like computer repair or web design. Google AdWords is excellent because the user’s intent is often very clear. Google Adwords is part of our performance based marketing packages.

Advertising on Facebook means advertising to billions of people. Facebook is suitable for very specific targeting, e-commerce products and some services also do well on Facebook. Facebook is part of our Digital Marketing Services Hong Kong and part of performance-fee based digital marketing services.

SEO services are for you whom understand that your website is an investment, and investing in getting to the first page of Google is a very good long-term investment. It does take longer to build good SEO, but it’s effect also lasts longer. Performance guarantees available. 

Landing Page Design

We build and design dedicated landing pages for advertisements. Use a dedicated landing page for your advertisement to increase conversions. Pay per landing page. 

Website Design

Simple Website Design, designed to convert customers. We develop WordPress website designs fast. Our websites are made to be fast, as speed is important for SEO. All our web designs are mobile website design and responsive web design. Web Design is part of our Digital Marketing Services Hong Kong. 

Our promise to you, when you choose to work with us: 

– We are honest, and will be your devil’s advocate. We will help you find everything that is wrong with your website and your content and you need to be able to handle constructive criticism. It will make everyone better.

– We believe communication is extremely important. Therefore, we promise to keep you updated at all times and to keep in touch at minimum every month. You will get reports that show what we have done and why we have done it. Optional calls will be made available to all clients at no extra cost. 

– Our pricing will always be transparent and connected to performance as much as it is possible. 

– We believe our reputation is our greatest asset, and will not put it at risk. You can expect the best effort from us. 

– We promise to only act in the best interest of our clients. Our clients come first.

Digital Marketing Services Hong Kong