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Facebook ads are awesome. The ability to be super-specific and to target people’s interests, has made Facebook the billion dollar company it is today. 

Quick-tip: You can also manage Instagram ads via the same interface.

Facebooks’ tools for getting your ads in front of the right people at the right time, makes it an advertisers dream.

Are you selling plumbing services in a small town? No problem, we can serve ads to people between 20-50 that lives in the town.

Are you selling high end golf clubs? No problem, we can serve ads to affluent individuals with an interest in a particular golfer.

Are you selling hipster-coffee delivered to your doorstep in big cities? No problem, we can serve ads to single men and women between 18 and 35 that likes Starbucks and wears “Vans”.

Facebook makes it possible to be as specific or general as you’d like. If you are up for the task, we can also run campaigns to collect data on your customers and create customer personas based on the data. 

Facebook ads are also cheaper than other digital marketing services like Google advertisements. They are cheaper because Facebook ads mostly serves the “top of the funnel”. 

People in the top of the funnel are customers that haven’t heard about your brand yet or they aren’t actively looking for your product or service. 

And while Facebook is used to pique people’s interests, it is also a very valuable conversion tool and to serve ads to the “bottom of the funnel”. 

Facebook remarketing is an example of people that have been on your website, maybe they added an item to cart, or they spent a significant amount of time on your site. 

With Facebook re-marketing, you can show ads to help your customers to take that last step towards a purchase. It’s awesome. Now, are you ready to get started?

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"Facebook ads allow you to target your best customers and create a growth engine like no other platform"

Our services include, but are not limited to:
  • High return (ROI) retargeting/remarketing
  • Customer Journey/Marketing Funnel Creation
  • Creative ad copy + images
  • A/B testing ad-copy, images, concept and audiences
  • Layered Audiences
  • Creation of customer personas from data
  • E-commerce abandoned cart dynamic product ads
  • E-commerce layered retargeting strategies
  • Facebook ads management and reputation management
Don’t understand all this? Don’t worry, we will explain everything to you in a way that is easy to understand and reports will accurately reflect the amount of time and effort that is going into creating your ads. 

Example of an ad that we have been running at More Customer Growth.

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What are Facebook ads?

facebook ad for google ads

Facebook advertising (fb adverts) are ads that are set up in the business manager section of your facebook account and is a PPC management service from Facebook.

The business manager needs to be set up and you can create only 2 “business manager accounts”. 

After you have set up the business manager, you need to set up an advertising account. 

The advertising account is where you set up your campaigns, build audiences, ad-sets and ads.

You can also manage Instagram ads through the same interface.

Fb adverts are extremely well done and allows you to create ads with different goals like reaching as many people as possible, send qualified traffic to your website or convert someone to a lead. 

Fb ads also allow you to get super-specific in your targeting. There is incredible power in being able to be granular when targeting an audience.

You can target facebook audiences based on age, gender, country they live in, particular interests and relationship statuses. 

If you are a wedding photographer for example, it would be easy to target someone who is between 24 and 35, and has gotten engaged the last 6 months.

How much Facebook advertising costs:

Facebook ads are relatively cheap compared to Google AdWords campaigns. You can start with facebook ads with a small budget, and the minimum is $1 USD or about $7.85HKD per day. 

Instagram ad pricing is exactly the same and is managed in the same place.

However, this budget will not get you very far. To be able to test different copy and audiences, so that you can find out which messaging works etc, you should be spending at least $20USD or $150HKD per day to get statistically significant results.

When you have become profitable and found the right combination that works for you, you can scale in more of your budget. 

There’s no point throwing it all away in one go!

So, the answer is that Facebook advertising costs as much as your budget allows and you can get great results even with a few dollars a day.

What is the best way to run Fb Ads?

facebook ads manager

This is a screenshot of the Facebook Ads Manager, where you manage your Facebook Advertisements.

instagram advertisment

This is an example of Instagram advertising. Instagram advertisements are managed from the same place as Facebook advertisements. 

The best way to run facebook advertisement or manage Instagram ads depends on your industry and budget.

(We recommend paying close attention to your customer journey and your marketing funnel before sending traffic to your website and running Fb Ads.)

If your target has never heard of your brand or interacted with you: The best way to set up Facebook ads would be to serve ads in the form of an article or blog post. Showing advertisements this way also helps get engagement on your social media, which also helps your search engine optimisation seo.

If your target has engaged with your brand before: You should serve videos and other content to people that have recently visited specific pages of your websites (which means they’re interested). 

It would also be appropriate to send the same people an advertisement that compares your company with your competitors. This works great if the prospect is in the middle or bottom of the sales-funnel. 

If you are an e-commerce business: You could send people that have added to cart/abandoned checkout a 10% discount 24 hours after the fact, to try to convert the customer. This is Facebook remarketing and retargeting at it’s best.

For a service company, you can show Facebook advertisements that focus on your business’ awards, certifications, testimonials and partners. You can configure the ads with conditionals such as “show to people that engaged with one of my posts AND visited “yourcompany.com/contact/” in the last 4 days. 

Why? Configuring your Fb Ads this way will then only go to people that went onto your contact page in the last 4 days and engaged with your post on Facebook. 

A visitor with these attributes are very likely to be interested in your brand and you pretty much just need to remind them that you exist. OR they already contacted you and you have a lead!  

See why the customer journey is so important now? That’s why we say; Funnel, Funnel, Funnel!


"Facebook ads management by MCG - Low cost, High ROI"

Facebook ads management through a Facebook advertising firm

If you are doing facebook ads management through a facebook advertising firm, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

It is common for facebook advertising companies to take a percentage of advertising spend as payment for managing your fb and instagram ads. 

It is also common to have a base fee if the total budget is low (under $1000). Most firms should be willing to accept working with a base fee plus a commission or bonus depending on sales (like MCG does, we work on performance). This aligns everyones incentives.

Creating fingerlickin’ good ad-copy and picking and creating the right images or videos for your account is an art and a science. Make sure you pick an agency that works hard to understand your business and your customers. 

We cannot stress this enough. Spending lots of time on research is an investment that saves money and increases those click-through rates. Now go get those customers. 

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