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Over 90% of the website traffic online goes to the businesses and listings that are located on the first page of a Google search. And every day, 15% of the searches that are being executed have never been searched for before! 

It therefore goes without saying that you should put a lot of effort into getting your website to show up on the first page of Google and Bing

It is the search engines that organize this game. Their algorithms change over time, to best represent what users’ search intent. If you were searching for black socks and you got results regarding digital marketing, you probably wouldn’t use or trust that search engine again.

Therefore it is important that you help the search engines to serve users search intents and make your web design and website experience a good one.

Technical factors, “authority” and user experience/content are all important factors in getting ranked highly in the search engines.

Technical factors that play into the rankings of a website are page speed, clean code, proper markup, and good website architecture. And then there are factors related to content, keywords, relevance, and how long a user stayed on the website that help to let Google know that your content is good content.

And good content gets promoted.

Search Engine Optimization SEO Services Hong Kong

  • Initial site and SEO audit (technical and content, on-page and off-page SEO)
  • Mobile friendly SEO audit
  • Meta tags audit & optimization
  • Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager: set up conversions and tracking
  • Google Search Console setup
  • Keyword research, planning and strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Landing page optimization
  • Monthly reports on rankings
  • Google My Business listing and optimization (for Local businesses)
  • Schema markup, robots.txt & sitemap optimization
  • Search engine optimization SEO Content writing services
  • Link building
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Grow website traffic with Search Engine Optimization SEO!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the act of improving the technical aspects and the content of a website; to give a user the most relevant information for a given search query

It includes (amongst many things) optimizing your website’s HTML, so that the search engines can understand what the content on your website means and how important a given piece of content is for the user. 

For example: You should only have one H1 (header) tag per page. The H1 is the first (sometimes only) piece of content a user reads, so it should include keywords that are relevant to the content of the page. 

The H1 tells search engines what the page is about and it informs the website visitor of what sort of information can be found if she continues to read.

Search engines use “spiders” to “crawl” the web. These “spiders” are really just programs that are scanning your website’s code and jumping from link to link, like the HTML, CSS, javascript etc.

In the early stages of Search Engine Optimization SEO, there weren’t that many websites, so it was easy to rank high in Google. 

The spiders were also not very sophisticated. It was possible to rank a website on the first page by using a technique called “keyword stuffing”.  

As the word suggests, keyword stuffing allowed you to rank highly just by having a keyword on your page multiple times in a row. 

These spiders have become smarter over time and the competition for the first page has become more intense. 

The search engines are now looking for websites that have authority on a subject matter, provide the best user experience, and have the most relevant content for a given search term. 

If you are wondering about how long it can take to rank a page or website in Google: it’s usually 3-6 months for new websites

For websites that are older than 6 months it is usually a little faster, taking anything from a couple of days to 4 months.

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WOW you might say, three to six months… that’s a long time! 

Yes it is, but it is very often worth the investment. Being found on the first page can drive tremendous traffic to your website. 

SEO is important because you are improving the user experience and establishing trust with customers. 

By having your website highly ranked, potential customers will already perceive you as a trusted company and it will make it easier for them to do business with you

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We have already mentioned a few things you can do to rank higher in search engines, but we want to go through some of the most important techniques here to give a little more context:

1. Make sure your website is as fast as possible. It is very important that you have a responsive website so you can easily navigate your website on tablets and mobile phones.

In September 2020, Google will put even more weight on how fast your website loads on mobiles.

In September, Google is moving from crawling desktop-first and indexing websites to mobile-first indexing. Speed up your mobile website ASAP!


2. Website content should be more than 300 words (per page), but make sure you answer queries quickly.

No one wants to read a novel to find the information they needed.

Take this webpage as a good example.

We have large headings with links that take you directly to the relevant content.

We make it easy to find the content you’re looking for – and easy to skip sections if you didn’t want to read it.


3. Only use one H1 per page. Use H2s and H3s for similar search terms and other potential ranking keywords.


4. Make the site easy to navigate, and try to keep the website structure and URLs small and easy to read. The URL “” is a lot cleaner and user friendly than “”. It is more memorable and looks much more professional when sharing content on social media. 


5. Get an SSL certificate – it is non-negotiable and is important for the security of your website and rankings.

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6. Spend considerable amount of time on researching keywords to rank for. Keyword research and planning is very time-consuming, but it is extremely important. 

You want to find keywords that people are actually searching for, and keywords which have less competition. 

Recently, we were working with one of our clients to create a new page for “mac repairs”. 

This client is a computer repair shop that specializes in Apple products. 

We wanted to rank for keywords like “slow mac”, “how to speed up mac” and “spinning beach ball”. 

We spent a considerable amount of time brainstorming and researching keywords, synonyms and related terms as we always do with our clients. 

It turns out that there are 4 times as many people using “mac frozen” and very little competition for that keyword. 

We also had a hypothesis that “spinning wheel of death” would be the most popular search term people would be using. 

We were wrong. We discovered terms we had never even heard of! They were all easier to rank for; “spinning beach ball”, “rainbow wheel”, “apple wheel of death”, “pinwheel” and “color wheel”.


7. Mix up your media. Instead of just showing a long wall of text, use photos, videos, gifs and audio to boost your search engine optimization SEO

By using different types of media, the user is less likely to be bored, your website looks more exciting, and you will keep the user on your website for longer. 

The longer a user stays on your website, the lower your bounce rate, and the more Google thinks you have content that is important and relevant. 

Some of the most engaging videos on the internet are of cute cats. So here’s a cat-video for you!

8. Try to get other websites with high rankings (authority) to link to your website. This is the internet equivalent of someone vouching for you. When other websites link to your website, they transfer some of their authority over to you, thereby informing Google that you also can be trusted. This is probably the most difficult part of search engine optimization SEO.

Want links to your website?

Let us know if you have great, relevant content on digital marketing, web design, or social media, and we can potentially have you guest-post on our blog!

9. Keep your title tags short (50-70 characters) and target the search query.For example, for this page, the title tag is “Search Engine Optimization SEO: How to get on the first page of Google”. Exactly 70 characters. Notice that it is also the same as the H1 title. 

10. Use LSI keywords. LSI keywords are keywords that are semantically related to the main keyword

For example, take “digital marketing agency” and “web marketing company”, where “web marketing company” is the LSI keyword. It is very similar and relevant to “digital marketing agency”. LSI keywords help users find what they really want, and not just the exact match search term. 

11. Optimize image files. File names should have keywords in them, and image files should be compressed before uploading. By reducing file size, you’ll increase loading speed. Also, remember to have alt-attributes that connect to your content. 

12. The list goes on… These 11 search engine optimization SEO techniques are some of the most important factors to consider when optimizing for search engines. There are more factors at play, and if you want to see how well your website is doing or find out all the ways in which you can improve, contact us for a comprehensive SEO audit. 

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So, who are the best agencies in Hong Kong for search engine optimization SEO for medium sized business? I would have a look at; they are a little pricey, but build solid websites with the SEO to match.

If you are a bigger business and can afford it, we think the best big digital marketing agency in Hong Kong is First Page ( They really know their stuff, are super nice and friendly and have great guarantees for their SEO services.

If you are a small/medium sized business or an e-commerce business, we think the best digital marketing agency for you is…. US! 

We have very reasonable rates on our SEO packages, and we go above and beyond on value. 

You absolutely can. Have a look at Chase Reiners’ YouTube channel for videos on local SEO. Neil Patel has awesome resources and covers all SEO topics. Ahrefs have some rocking tutorials on YouTube as well. 

If you need more resources, just ask us on social media (Facebook or Twitter) and we’ll happily share them with you.

At More Customer Growth, we provide general SEO services, such as SEO site audits, where we help you identify where your search engine optimization SEO efforts should be focused. 

We can help optimize your landing pages with SEO content writing services, keyword research, planning, and strategy. 

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Now that you have the tools and the knowledge, there’s no excuse to be stuck on page 13. Elevate your search engine optimization SEO game and contact us today!

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