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What is the secret of effective Google AdWords management? We have the answers and the help you’re looking for.

Let us help you with your ad earnings optimization.

Did you see that we used the words “ad-earnings” and not ad-spend? That’s because when we optimize for earnings, cost is already taken into consideration. 

And trust me, you will not worry about your spend when each dollar put into Google AdWords management gives you four dollars back. Looking for a Google Adwords provider? Look no further.

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The Secret 🙊 to highly effective Google Ad Management

To run successful Google Ads, you should spend significant time researching keywords. Understand your industry and market. Research competitors’ keywords and ads.

Set up tracking in Google Analytics and Google Adwords. Learn and implement the most effective bidding-strategies. 

Use cascade bidding for different keyword match types.

Understand the underlying goals of your campaigns. Create proper architecture for your campaigns and ad-groups. 

Understand your maximum cost-per-click, break-even return on ad-spend and how it ties to revenue and profit. 

Write individual, tailored, amazing ad-copy for each ad-group. Create fast landing pages, that look great and that you know will convert customers.

Make sure your landing pages have similar copy to your ads. Combining adwords with your SEO strategy leverages the two to multiply the benefits from each tactic. 

Know when your customers are searching for your product. Day and hour. Know which day and hour they are more likely to convert.

Use tons of negative keywords to reduce your cost-per-click.

Find out which device your customers use and which locations they are in.

Use extensions to your advantage and leverage remarketing/retargeting strategies.

And last but not least: Work Hard!


We'll be your Google
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Having issues with your current AdWords service provider? Or have you been running Google AdWords management a little while, but you just can’t seem to get the performance you were hoping for? Need help with Google ads?

Running successful Google Adwords campaigns can be tricky. Perhaps you can’t figure out which keywords to bid on, how to install Google Tag Manager or maybe your cost per click is unsustainably high.

Not to worry. As a Google AdWords provider, we can help with everything from setting up conversions properly, strategize with you to find the best keywords (and their match types) and help you bring your cost per clicks down to a sustainable level.

We have the technical skills to implement your projects properly. We have the analytical skills to help you find the right levers to pull. And the marketing skills to help persuade people to buy from you

We are certified!

More Customer Growth is a Google Adwords provider with the following qualifications:

Google Ads - Search Certificate

Google Ads - Shopping Certificate

Google Ads - Measurement Certificate

Google Ads for service businesses

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Keyword research & planning
  • Competitor research
  • Google ad copy creative writing and ad copy optimization (continuous)
  • Ad-campaign and ad-group architecture optimization
  • YouTube, search, shopping and display campaigns
  • Set up conversion tracking & optimization (installing Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager)
  • Data-driven, strategic bidding and adjustments
  • Negative keyword list building (very important, often overlooked)
  • Remarketing/retargeting campaigns
  • Daily monitoring and adjustment of account
  • Monthly reports
  • Access to weekly 15 minute check-ins (optional)
  • Landing page creation and conversion optimization
  • Google AdWords management education and consulting
  • PPC management services on several other platforms

Example of a Google Ad that might be found out there in the wild:

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Did you know: that over 63% of people have clicked on a Google Ad? That Google owns 73% of the search market share. That about 40% of clicks go to the top 3 Ads in a search query. That More Customer Growth is the #1 Google AdWords advertising agency in Hong Kong? 

Are you ready to get more customers from Google Ads?🚀

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