How to get more customers on Facebook via groups and ads

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Get more customer growth through activity in Facebook groups and boosting organic content with ads.

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms, with over 2 billion active monthly users and over 1 billion of those users participate in Facebook groups. Having your own Facebook group is inexpensive and an effective way to reach your target market. 

In fact, Facebook groups are also an effective way of getting clients. It helps you connect and build trust with your targeted audience. However, you might not be familiar with Facebook groups, or you might not think of it as a particularly useful tool, which is understandable. That is why we are here to let you in on a few secrets of how you can leverage groups and as well as ads to your benefit..

Get more customers through Facebook Ads

Reaching the right person organically is difficult and you might be having issues reaching users organically. However, using Facebook ads may be what you need. 

Promoted Facebook posts might look like regular posts, but they reach out to more people because they are highly targeted. This is key. Use your “normal posts” and add them in the Facebook Ads Manager platform. Most people tend to create ads that look very much like an ad, and these days we are trained to ignore these types of ads. 

By using the Facebook Ads Manager, you can target your “organic/normal” posts like an ad. Make sure you do these as an engagement campaign. Then you get likes and you can also invite these people to join your groups or business page. 

Posts with high engagement gets more views from the facebook pixel as well and lowers your cpc/cpm. 

You can easily target people who like your group or page or by age, gender, location, and interests. Facebook collects efficient user data, and it can target your advertising to customers interested in your service or products. With the analytics, the platform will also help you understand which ads might drive highest interest and sales. 

Experiment with a few different types of posts to learn what works on your audience, see what gets the highest engagement and you have a recipe you can follow again and again. Use ads to add people to your group and establish yourself as a leader in your field. Soon enough people will ask you for your expertise and land you that client

Tactics to get more clients from Facebook Groups

A Facebook group is simply a community within Facebook, which users can join and participate in various topics. Groups are created for people with common interests or goals such as music, cooking, or athletics. However, there are different business-oriented groups too.

An excellent way to physically connect with your customers is by creating a community around your service or brand, and product. You can create a group which can be directly related to your business. 

They can either be aligned with your kind of business or can help in organizing people around a cause related to your business. 

As an example, you might be a business coach for startups. Then it could be an idea to start a group called “How to Startup” and answer questions regarding company formation, bookkeeping, hiring people and sharing content around running a startup.

Below are recommendations for getting more from Facebook groups to help market your business.

Create a content strategy/plan (if you have your own FB group)

Part of an overall strategy is to know when and what to post on Facebook. This strategy will complement your various marketing, sales, and public relations activities. Have a content strategy and calendar to organize these materials. These materials in a content calendar can help you and your staff plan and track contents published on Facebook and other platforms and channels. This content calendar ensures that significant sales are announced, holidays are recognized, company announcements are shared to your Facebook group or page, and more.

Join at least 5 different groups in your niche

It is possible to join as many Facebook groups as possible. However, it is not easy to participate in too many. It would help if you chose a few Facebook groups with your targeted audience or fans and comment at least once a week in them.

Understand group rules and be a decent human being

You can find these guidelines pinned to the top of the group or in the sidebar tools. You must know what is required of you to avoid violation and get booted or banned.

Actively Participate in the Facebook groups you've joined and share value

Once you join a Facebook group, you are automatically a member of a community. Be consistent in providing tips, value addition, share thought-provoking questions, congratulate people when they have their wins, and always be a resource. 

This is such an underrated tactic. By being genuinely helpful, providing value (even if you have to Google answers to questions you don’t know), people will start to contact you for more information and really appreciate your contributions. 

It means you should interact with people the same way you would if it was a one on one meeting. Get known and let people understand your area of expertise, and be an active member.

When the Facebook group you are in has daily topics, ensure you participate in them. It will allow your name and brand to be seen by others and it will add “marketing touches” to people in the group. Next time they need a service- and you are top of their mind, they will think of you!

When you provide useful content, you are only getting your name in the group to be seen repeatedly. It is an excellent way to find more customers because they will start reaching out to you and asking questions.

Share your lead-magnet in the groups you are now contributor to

Once you have reached your targeted audience and found your ideal customers, who just found out you are an expert in your field of expertise, it is the perfect time to get them on your list. Ask the moderator of the group if you can share a link to your resource or free opt-in. 

As a contributor to the group, you create engagement which is a key metric for groups and their creators. Therefore it shouldn’t be hard to get a “yes” from the groups’ owner. They want you to continue to create engagement for them.

Use all the tools and features available to you

Facebook features are regularly rolled out. Consider utilizing the below-mentioned tools to promote your business.

Facebook LiveIt is important to sometimes go live on air to engage with your audience in real-time. Your audience will receive a notification that you are going live, and they can tune in to watch. 

The best part is that after going live, the recording is made available for playback so that if your followers missed, they can click and watch later on. It is easy to interview a guest and demonstrate how a product works or share with your audience where you may be exhibiting.

Facebook video

Mobile video consumption is on the rise, and various marketers mostly use it for multiple businesses. Make use of Facebook videos for content in front of your Facebook audience. 85% of companies are utilizing video content as a marketing strategy and tool. Use it as a growing in-demand medium.

Facebook storiesFor 24hours, you can share content in the stories feature. In cases where you cannot achieve the number of audiences on Facebook as it grows, this tool plays an essential role in boosting your business’s organic reach.

Target your audience's interests

Targeting your ideal customer depending on demographics such as age and gender in most cases, won’t cut it. It is why you need to be very specific with who you target.

If your target audience is broad, the click through rate will depreciate. In such instances, your ads will fail. To narrow down your audience, define the interests of your ideal customers.

When you follow these steps, you can watch ideal clients come to you from Facebook groups. With regular group participation, you will be amazed how quickly your business will grow from where you left it last. You will not only get leads and clients, but you might end up being asked to form strategic partnerships, get referrals, or be invited to speak on Facebook live interviews, podcasts, and more.