How my top-ranked website still FAILED miserably [Video]

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So this is a story about my first journey as an SEO, trying to rank for an easy keyword

[Following text is the closed captions for the video]

So in 2011, one of my friends Michael, he was doing really well with Search engine optimization.

And I thought it was SUPER exciting

it almost seemed like this superpower – to be able to get ranked for anything you wanted. I decided I wanted to learn as well!

So what I did was to go through all of MozSEOs content (which today is

I took notes along the way and I wrote it all down in this cool little red book that I bought.

As I was thinking about a website and a product to rank for I came up with pot holders.

You know, cause people don’t like to burn their hands

AND you could have a lot of fun with the shapes and colors of them

I thought that pot holders were a great product because

they are 1. Cheap (I had no money at the time) and

And 2. they would be easy to manage and send in the mail.


So the next step was to build a website.

I learned how to make a wordpress site, I set up the domain and the hosting.

I put up images of potholders, put up some headlines

with my keywords in them

And off we went. The potholder king (dot) com was born.

I started ranking in Google within 3 weeks and before I knew it, I was on the second page.

Obviously it was a lot easier to rank back then, but something unexpected happened.

I was STUCK on the second page

Pure crickets

There was just no traffic coming to my website at all.

Today – that doesn’t surprise me at all.

There was simply no good content and therefore no-one willing to share or LINK to that content.

So here is what potholderking dot com would look like today

  • It would have videos of really tacky 80s style commercials 
  • Lots of instruction videos on how to use the pot holders
  • Some good recipes
  • Other cooking related content
  • I would guest post some of my content
  • Create solid resources like “the top 10 ways of using a pot holder for something else”
  • and I would have set in place an outreach strategy to other people in cooking/baking niches to collaborate on content to get backlinks

So if you’re looking to rank your website

Don’t be like the potholder king in 2011,

Be like the potholder king in 2020!